Autopilot in Tesla

Autopilot in the different cars of Tesla has impressed people in recent years and as the name suggests – it is a semi – autonomous system integrated into cars that supposedly makes the car drives on its own (in layman’s terms). It employs both ultrasonic and radar capabilities in its different cars from which the driver does not have to keep their hands on the steering wheels until and unless it alerts them to do so(if the sensors cannot detect its surroundings). This gives the driver some breathing room for finishing work on the phone or enjoy a snack in the car.

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As you can see, the person seated in the driver’s seat is not driving the car but the Artificial Intelligence that is in it which is equipped with an array of sensors located on the body of the car to detect the surroundings of the vehicle and ultimately go with an approximate speed and maintain distance with other vehicles around it.

This “autopilot” feature is an extra package deal that costs an extra $5000 with the original cost of the Tesla one buys out of the Models S, 3, X, and Y. Yes, you read it right, it spells “S3XY” . As the feature senses the vehicles around it, it uses lane driving to have orientation of the position on the road. Although, the Tesla Autopilot has lane driving, it cannot respond to traffic signals, stop signs and city roundabouts on city streets but these features will also start rolling in the cars in late 2019. This shows how humankind has advanced into the “Future of E-Mobility” that “almost” cars can drive themselves.

Tesla had surpassed a major milestone of 1 billion miles being driven by the autopilot in the cars in the year 2018 which was 10% of total miles driven by all of its cars. Furthermore, this feature has even saved several live by braking and shutting the car down before it hits another vehicle which is quite helpful as it shows that artificial intelligence will also be able to ‘predict accidents’ before they happen ultimately improving safety in transport.

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