Attack Mode – The USP of Formula E

The 2018/19 season is set to be more intense than ever before. New Attack Mode lets every driver pick up an extra hit of power at their own risk.

– Formula E

So…What is Attack Mode?

It is fundamentally when a Formula E driver drives off their racing line to the Activation Zone to gather an extra 25kW from 200kW motor to a whopping 225kW motor and this small change in numbers on the paper is actually a big change on the grid.

This Activation Zone, the Time Duration and the nuber of times one can use Attack Mode varies from track to track and this key strategic information of the Attack Mode is given to the drivers right before the race from which the drivers need to be critically think when and where to use the attack mode for optimal racing and overtaking.

Image: A Formula E car in Attack Mode

In addition to this, there is a blue light shone at the above the driver’s head indicating this subtle shift and the image above shows the same of a Formula E car in Attack Mode.

Hey…How is this their Unique Selling Point (USP)?

This is their USP as other racing sports such as Formula 1 or Nascar are not even close to this type of innovation that truly makes this a delight to race and watch at the same time. This is actually a great innovation as the team of Formula E have take advantage of the electric motors of the system and thus have added an upgrade.

Furthermore, at the start of the blog post, it said “at their own risk” which means that at the driver’s own risk as the Activation Zone of Attack Mode is outside the racing line compromising time or even positions for a higher power mode.

That is all!

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post!


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