Tesla Model 3 – A Rising Dominator

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It has been a while since I posted and therefore I have come up with an extremely exciting topic of Tesla Model 3 which just started being delivered in countries like the US and China.

Well, I have written posts about Tesla as a company emerging as the electric car dominator but this post is very specific on a car. But the main question about this is :

Is it worth the Hype?

Yes it is as this model is the cheapest car sold by Tesla and it comes with a variety of functions for a great drive. It is certainly not the fastest Tesla made but the interiors are well designed and and the overall shape of the car is remarkable like the other Teslas.  This is basically the entry level car of Elon Musk to the road ahead for cheaper EVs.

Image result for tesla model 3 hd

Image : Tesla Model 3

By specifications, it goes from 0 – 100 km/h in 3.5 – 5.6 seconds depending on the model one has ordered. Plus, it has a range of 354 – 500 kilometres which is fantastic in its segment although it is least Tesla has provided in its cars.

Overall, it is an all – rounded electric car made for the masses which packs style with functionality and therefore is the rising dominator in the electric car industry.

The Tesla Model 3 is here, and it is the most important vehicle of the century

– Motor Trend

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