The Urban Mobility Connection

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Today, we are going to be discussing about how EVs are an integral part in Urban Mobility. I decided to take this topic up as lately I have been mentioning this word in my previous blog posts without its explanation.

For an instance, this topic of Electric Mobility and Urban Mobility is extremely criticised as people think that Electric Vehicles do no “serve the purpose” for Urban Mobility. This is not completely right as it is actually the first step towards Urban Mobility. This is due to the fact that Electric Mobility it is a part of sustainable development too. These all connect the dots as Electric Mobility will solve the problem of Carbon Dioxide Emissions as they are responsible for 23% of Carbon Dioxide Emissions globally.  Sustainable Development as the same roads and infrastrucure can be used for electric cars that are for conventional cars which is often considered a disadvantage but is certainly an advantage as no additional costs will have to be paid by the government to bring in Electric Cars.

Image result for electric cars urban mobility

Image: Smart Car by Mercedes

As both these factors are connected, Urban Mobility does not seem far away as it is defined as efficient transport when considering the factors of range, number of people sitting in the vehicle and the energy used. In conclusion, Electric Mobility, Urban Mobility and Sustainable Development are a perfect combination to further advancements in the Future that will ultimatelly lead to a better world.

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  1. Even retrofitting of conventional cars is also possible, which adds to the vision of E-mobility and sustainable development. Existing conventional car’s ICE can be replaced with battery kits and electric motors!

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