Well, the JETS are here…

Hey Guys!

Today, we are going to be discussing about Electric Jets. The two words simply strike as they are currently being designed.

Companies like EasyJet and Zunum Aero is designing Electric Jets. It is truly a step towards Urban Mobility not only on land but in the air too. It is said that they will “hit the skies next year” which is from my opinion not going to happen. Moreover, this is only a concept but we are discussing this as it is truly a possiblity to furtther develop the transport of the world.

Related image

Image: Zunum Aero Concept aircraft

Now for the company of EasyJet in an article that I was reading, it said:

There are few details on the project, but EasyJet hopes for 500 km (310 miles) of range and dreams to establish the first electric flyway between London and Amsterdam. The aircraft is to be designed by Darold Cummings, former Boeing and the US Department of Defense employee.

There are also some enigmatic mentions about the new novel motor, but regardless of motors, we hope the required battery progress is already in place to take the project seriously.

This means that it is serious and it is correct. For some, this may just be a imaginary thing which will take several years but it is coming in the next 5 years as such. In conclusion, many firms are looking at the possibility of  building electric aircrafts for commercial use so fasten your seatbelts and get ready for this step towards the future.

That is all for today and Thank you for Reading!


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  1. thoughtful !! the electric planes, will surely be a game changer for private jets !!

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