Why so SLOW?

Hello Everyone!

The EV world is going at a slow pace and it is a key problem which is what we are going to be discussing in this post.

For an instant, let us take US as a country where the EV market is growing but at a slow pace. Why? there is a simple answer to this question which is: the gas prices are skyrocketing ($2.783 per gallon today) . Instead, the real reason of quitting fossil fuels should be that fossil fuels used in the vehicles with internal combustion engines are polluting the environment second by second (1.285 million pounds of CO2 every second being emitted by vehicles).

Image result for slow electric car

Well, there are also several problems that are faced by the governments of countries when shifting to EVs such as infrastructure, some materials (such as Cobalt which is an important material when making Lithium ion batteries). When compared to other shifts in industries, such as the move to vehicles with internal combustion engines which was rapid, the EV industry is totally lacking in speed. Another reason for this slow shift is the mindset that this will only “do a little for Urban Mobility” that is certainly incorrect when it comes to facts.

To conclude, every single person in the world should think of shifting to electric vehicles not due to the oil prices increasing rapidly but due to the harm caused to the environment for a clean environment for the future generations. Ultimately, the world is sustainably developing but at a slow rate and hence should increase its speed before it is too late.

That is all for this post and Thanks for Reading!

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