What about the Trucks and Buses?

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Today, we are going to discuss a new topic that is  ELECTRIC Buses and Trucks. Currently, people are totally focusing on Electric Cars and therefore not much love is given to any Electric Trucks or Buses. Currently, there are almost no specific companies going for electric buses.

Image result for tesla electric truck

Image: Tesla Semi

For an instant, this image is of a truck made by Tesla – The Tesla Semi. The company is claiming this truck to have an estimated range from 300 to 500 miles and from my opinion the most advanced and developed truck on this planet. For buses, there are a small number of these running in cities by various manufacturers. Most of these buses are in the biggest market of Electric Vehicles that is China. That is right, it is China that has electric buses running in its central cities which are Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and many more.

Moreover, China is doing this for its economy and for helping the environment as currently it is the country that has the most polluted air in the world. It is truly advisable for other countries to implement this in their public transport facilities in several cities for a greener and cleaner future. To conclude, Electric Trucks and Buses is a topic that is not discussed much but it is extremely important for countries, and car manufacturers to at least consider the option of shifting to these well – designed products.

Thanks for Reading this Post and I hope you liked it!

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