Range Anxiety -A Serious Problem

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One of the biggest problems of a person driving an EV is “Range Anxiety”. Let me explain, Range Anxiety is the doubt in a person’s mind while driving an EV that “will I reach my destination without the battery draining?”.

Well, this is often an unaddressed problem when it comes to EVs but it is real. People who drive EVs all across the world are facing this problem and thus they continuously keep checking their mobile phones for a charging station even if some charge is remaining. As this is a major problem people are facing, it is important to follow some steps even before buying an EV to driving one.

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First you have to know the specifications of the EV. For example, the Range, the TYPE of charging, and the battery replacement time. Second, get a charging station at home for your car and charge it fully before any long trip. This reduces a significant amount of anxiety from a person when driving. Third, STOP OVERCHARGING because all EVs have Lithium ion batteries (Li – ion). The justification of Li – ion batteries in the statement is that the life of there would be a notable amount of battery life reduction due to overcharging.

In conclusion, owning an EV is much more difficult than owning a car with an internal combustion engine due to a shorter range and many more problems but that does not mean that every trip in an EV has to be stressful. That’s all!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post!


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