Charging up the Future!

What’s up guys and Welcome Back!

For today, we are going to discuss one of the most important things in an EV besides the battery that is the charging of the car. It can also be described as the “fuel” of an EV as it is elementally the part which powers it and where electric car manufacturers are seriously struggling.

As for countries like the US, China, Norway, Iceland, Germany and Japan, there are enough charging stations to cope with the growing number of EVs. But for countries like India it is going to be difficult as there are a negligible amount of EVs on the roads. But this shift of going Electric will not start from the cars but from the charging infrastructure which people will see and believe that in the future, EVs are going to be their best bet in transport.

Image result for nissan leaf charging

For the countries which have an increasing EV market, companies like chargepoint set up charging stations and the owner has to pay for every unit their car us charged. Right now, many of the charging stations are free but after maybe a few months or years, they will have to pay. For India, companies like ChargeZone are changing the way Indians are seeing their shift to EVs. They have set up the first commercial Charging Station at Centre Square Mall in Vadodara. Hence it can be said, slowly but eventually countries in the world are going electric with the charging infrastructure as well. That’s all for Today!

Thank you and I hope you learnt something new from this post!

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