Formula E – a Dream Revolution in Racing

Hello and Welcome back to the Blog!

For today, we are going to discuss a very fascinating topic which is Formula E, a racing championship that is simply reshaping the racing of the future.

As it says, the E in Formula E is Electric which is why it is also promoting the increasing use of Electric Vehicles in the world. It is a lesser known racing championship when compared to Formula One and Nascar but it is the future of racing.

From the book, the ABB FIA Formula E Championship is the world’s first fully-electric international single-seater street racing series that started in 2011. But here on our blog on “The Future of E – Mobility”, we do not go by the book but get inspired and innovate on the ways we transport and to totally reinvent it.

Image result for formula E

Image: A Season 5 Formula E Car

This “Street Racing Series” is one of a kind and it is my personal favorite. It fundamentally showcases how the world’s transport is going green and electric. The above image is the next generation car in Formula E that is going to be used first on December 15 in Saudi Arabia.

Well, it is also a new step towards “Urban Mobility”, a term that I used in the previous post so I hope you check that out! In conclusion, Formula E is the next breakaway in E – Mobility and in Racing as it ticks all the boxes and is the perfect example of the improvement and development in Electric Vehicles. That’s all!

Thanks for Reading and come back tomorrow for more content!


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