Wait, Is the Manufacturing of EVs Damaging the Environment?

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Well, I met some people in an exhibition and those guys were talking about how EVs are HARMFUL for the environment. Yes, it is TRUE that they are harmful for the environment but in the manufacturing process.

Furthermore, people should not discuss the topic about how something which was made for the better of the environment is harming it in a small way. Did you know? Vehicles with combustion Engines contribute to 75 percent of the world’s carbon monoxide (This is worse than Carbon Dioxide) and 50 to 90 percent of air pollution. In front of these numbers, the pollution caused by the manufacturing of batteries is negligible.

Plus, Electric Vehicles are much more cheaper to use as the electricity costs are much less than the soaring oil prices. With the people of the world, even the governments of different countries would be happy because some countries have so much electricity generated that they are selling that electricity to other countries. A perfect example would be India as this is a untouched topic by many, it is important to shed some light on it as it is selling the excess electricity to Nepal. As the excess electricity would be sold in their country only, the economy will flourish due to the greater exchange of currencies.

Image result for mercedes electric car

Image: Mercedes Concept EQ

When coming back to the question, the advantages of Electric Vehicles certainly outweigh the disadvantages in several ways that make it a part of a term which was coined recently – “Urban Mobility”.

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