What is India’s Position in E – Mobility?

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Today’s main question is one which is not discussed usually but is one of the most important questions on the country’s development.

Currently, the Government of India has order 10,000 electric cars. Most of them being Mahindra’s e2o. India is lagging behind several countries in development and this is one of the main reasons. People think that CHANGE IS PAIN. Due to this mentality, countries like China has over a million electric cars and it is one of the biggest market for electric vehicles. With China, Norway, Iceland, Germany and Japan are crucial growing markets of electric vehicles as they are simply bringing in solutions to prevent Global Warming and boost their economy.

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All around the world, people are adopting electric transport due to a number of reasons and some of them being:

  • Eco – Friendly
  • Cost – Efficient
  • Better Efficiency and Performance

These reasons define what EVs are but you all must be thinking what is this got to do with the main question about India? Well,  India is facing the wrath of petrol prices and the government does not know where to buy the oil as it may disrupt foreign relations with other countries. Hence, this is probably the best bet for the country to promote electric vehicles NOW. Firms like Hyundai, Tata and Suzuki have already started and from the statistics it will take an approximate of 10 years for the boost in sales of Electric Vehicles. That is all for today’s post.

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One Reply to “What is India’s Position in E – Mobility?”

  1. there are not 10K EV cars yet in India…. they are ordered under EESL tender by Govt of India.

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